About the member points
For the customers that have registered as our member, points will be given according to the amount that they have purchase in our website. Member will receive 3% of the total amount purchased as points. The points can be used within 1 year. However, if members purchase products before the deadline of the points, new points will be given and the deadline of the old points will be changed to the deadline of the new points.

When member used their points, we will deduct the points from the total amount of purchase, and member can gain new points for the remaining amount.
For example, when you purchase 2,000yen and used 300points, 2,000yen – 300points = 1,700yen ← You will get points from this amount.

f the points are given for specific product, it will be counted for the specified product. Points will also be given after deducting the points used from the amount.

Rules for points given
Service Name Points Given Given Time
Member Registered Points 100points When the first order is delivered.
Order Points 1% of the ordered amount.
Specific product points will be given to the specified product.
When the products are delivered.
Review Points 100points When the review is approved.

Using the points
When purchasing, members can choose the number of points that they would like to use at the ordering page. Please login to our system while purchasing our products.

Confirmation of the points
After login to your account, you can check the amount of points through point history, which is at the page of my account.

About the points of specific products
Points will be given separately when member purchased specific products. In this case, points of the specific products will be given as these points are in a higher priority.