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Chaga Tea(1g×30)

Chaga Tea(1g×30)

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Item #: KA-0102

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Please pay attention to the fake and low-quality chaga!

We used 100% natural chaga as raw material to produce a tea bag type healthy tea. You can make 1L of tea with 1 pack of tea bag, so you can make 30L of tea with one box.

We have strict checking process for the sterilized and pulverization of chaga and pack it into a tea bag carefully. It has no taste and no smell so you can drink it everyday.

<Main Component>

Natural enzymes, minerals, dietary fiber, SOD (antioxidant enzyme), β-glucan

Caffeine 0%
Antioxidant 0%
Preservative 0%
Synthetic fragrances 0%
Synthetic dye 0%

● Contents: 1g × 30 tea bag
● Ingredients: Chaga
100% Japan organic raw materials

<Easy to make>

Boil the water and put the tea bag in to it. You can make 1L of chaga tea with 1 tea bag. It is nearly no taste and no smell so you can make it tastes strong or weak according to your favorite.

1. Boil water with fire
We suggest you to make 1L of tea with 1 tea bag but you can adjust it by yourself.

2. Once the water is boiled, turn off the fire and put the tea bag into it.
※Avoid boiling it with fire.

3. Leave the tea bag inside the water for 1 to 2 hours, it is done when the color of the water turns like tea.
You can drink it hot or cold.

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