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【Shipping within 1-2 weeks】TENKEI QUALITY SOAP(80g)

【Shipping within 1-2 weeks】TENKEI QUALITY SOAP(80g)

2,300円without tax

Item #: TE-0112

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The soap base is additive-free and plant-derived product, and we used the natural chaga as raw material to make our real organic soap.
The moisturizing ability is great and you can feel your skin became moist after using it. This is a renew product and the price is 27% OFF!

Additive-free of synthetic surfactant, antioxidant, petroleum-based ingredients, preservative, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes.

People with atopic or sensitive skin CAN use our product!
You can use it for your whole body, from your hair to your toe.

Delicate zone・・・to clear the uncomfortable feeling
Skincare・・・use it for your daily skincare
Body soap・・・keep your skin moisture after washing it
Shampoo・・・to clean your hair thoroughly
Improve your skin・・・to tighten your skin
Moisture effect・・・with rich natural moisture component
Cleansing・・・clean your simple makeup with this soap
Deodorization・・・clean the dirty component of your body to clear the smell

● Contents: 80g
● Ingredients: soap base (palm fat, coconut oil), sucrose ※, glycerin, chaga extract, water, ethanol ※, lavender oil, phytic acid ※ (※ plant-derived component)

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