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Cprise 60Capsules

Cprise 60Capsules

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The effect of Lactobacillus that produced by Cprise.
Way to create the amazing intestinal environment.

●Human-derived lactobacillus used in longevity families.
In the world there are areas that continue traditional living and are recording longevity. There was a hint to raise immunity in that diet. The key to that health is "lactic acid bacteria".

●Reason why killed bacteria is better than live bacteria.
This living lactobacillus is decomposed to powerful stomach acids. Thus, the survival rate of this lactobacillus until it reach the intestine is very low. In case it survives, their Intestinal bacteria will be banished which is hard for them to settle.
However, by heat treatment (killed lactobacillus), it improves its quality and stabilizes.

●Let’s take 1 hundreds of lactobacillus per day.
When we drink much of Yogurt or lactobacillus drinks for health purposes, this leads us to oversupply of calorie. But, this new lactobacillus of Cprise which is the power to fight in our body has no concerns with oversupply of calorie and can be possibly taken with 1 billion amount of lactobacillus with no problem at all.

●First time in the history! TN-3 Productization of lactobacillus
We succeeded in productization of seawater separated lactobacillus which lives in deep sea water (more than 400m),a harsh environment.

●Acquired 11 kinds of patents.
Cprise has Acquired 11 kinds of patents about lactobacillus.

Name: Food containing lactic acid bacteria
Ingredients: lactic acid bacteria (TN-3, FK 23, LFK), maltooligosaccharide, edible refined processed fats, HPMC 、(including eggs as part of raw materials)
Contents: 14.76 g (246 mg × 60 capsules)
※ HPMC = plant derived capsule

<Nutrition component indication>
Nutrition component display 2 capsules (492 mg)
Calorific value: 1.9 kcal Protein: 0.17 g Lipid: 0.020 g Carbohydrate: 0.25 g Sodium: 0.29 mg (equivalent amount of salt: 0.00073 g)

Contains equivalent to 500 billion lactic acid bacteria (1 capsule)

●● Please check the raw materials, those who are allergic to food, please do not eat. ● If you do not fit your body or allergies, please consult your doctor. ● Please be careful not to overdose ● You may cut hands etc. at the corners and edges of aluminum packaging material. Please be careful when handling.
● Please keep out of reach of infants. ● Since this product uses some processed natural materials, variations in taste and color may occur but there is no problem with quality.

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